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Data recovery…

Data Recovery is the process by which skilled technicians salvage and extract lost data from hard disk drives and other storage media which are corrupted by hardware, software, natural disasters, or human causes. Emergency Recovery‘s years of experience, extensive history in the computer industry and long standing relationships with leading equipment manufacturers make us one of the few successful Data Recovery labs in the US.No disk repair or recovery utilities, can approach the speed, degree of completeness, or success rate of our expertise and technology.

The causes of loss are many and varied. Some of the more common corrupters and destroyers of computer data are software glitches, system crashes, disk failures, virus infections, human errors (accidental erasures and reformats), deliberate tampering (vandalism and sabotage), fire, flood, and other natural disasters.

Regardless of the nature of the problem, Emergency Recovery can help. Our technicians and technologies can deal with virtually every hardware platform, every operating system and media form. Whatever caused your data loss, you can rest assured that we’ve seen it before and solved it before. Our successful recovery rate is unmatched.

We can help…

They aren’t just documents and files, they’re your organization’s nerve center, and that’s the way we treat them when you come to us for data recovery. Do you need help with data recovery from your hard drive, floppy diskette, optical drive, SyQuest, Bernoulli, Zip, or Jaz cartridge, or tape media?We’ve helped many individuals recover gigabytes of lost information and we can do the same for you – quickly, efficiently and painlessly. When you have a system crash or other data loss problem, give us a call. We’ll help you make the most of a bad situation.

Find out more by checking our problem solving tips and suggestions for both PCs and Macs.

We can save it…

Don’t worry! Emergency Recovery can rescue lost data from your drive or other storage media quickly and conveniently. We recover data for corporations, government agencies and individuals. Emergency Recovery is known as the most advanced and progressive data recovery service by many foreign countries in the world.Our proprietary techniques are so powerful we can rescue data others might simply abandon.

While we can’t make any promises, we can tell you that our unparalleled experience in recovery crises, sophisticated diagnostic capabilities, superior clean-room technology and proprietary recovery techniques are so advanced that we recover 100% of our clients’ data over 95% of the time. We’ll return your data with the same file names, in the same data type, with the same characteristics, identifiers, and in the same structure and location as before the failure.

Above all, we do no harm! Emergency Recovery never experiments with your valuable data. When we receive your non-functional device in our recovery facilities, we employ a number of techniques to make an exact bit-by-bit copy of your entire drive contents onto our own media. This “mirrored” copy of your device is then used to perform all recovery, repair and restructuring tasks.

We’ve solved just about every data loss problem imaginable, making us the safe choice for fast and accurate data recovery.

We have the necessary resources…

No firm can save your data without the proper resources. At Emergency Recovery we have everything necessary to rescue your valuable information. This includes:

Clean Room – Our service facility is equipped with its own class 100 clean room. Equipment – We maintain an in-house inventory of more than 4,000 drives, adapters, test beds and diagnostic systems. We can duplicate your exact pre-failure configuration and use it to recover your data and confirm its integrity.

Proprietary Tools – Emergency Recovery has developed a full suite of proprietary hardware and software tools to effectively and completely rescue your information.

We can get your data back quickly…

Emergency Recovery ‘s mission is to get you back in operation as quickly as possible, often in hours (depending upon the extent of damage). We offer several emergency service options including:

Priority Service – With our priority service option, we begin work immediately and work on your problem continually, around the clock if necessary, until we’ve completed the recovery of your data. Our priority service option can save you valuable time when our recovery facility traffic is at peak levels. When you request priority service, your drive, tape, or other media recovery will be expedited by our staff.On-Site Service – Rather than send your media to Emergency Recovery, we can send our technicians to you! Our on-site recovery team is ready to attack any type of data loss as soon as possible. We have traveled to organizations all over the world that, for convenience or security reasons, prefer our staff to work at their premises. While on location, our technicians can help determine how the data loss occurred, and offer advice on backup and other procedures to prevent future problems.

Special Security Processes – Emergency Recovery provides secure facilities and personnel to handle sensitive private industry or governmental data. We can purge data and sanitize drives to secure specifications allowing the drives to be repaired, reused, or returned for warranty repair or exchange.

When the unexpected happens…

 What will you do? The same as you would in any other emergency – call for professional help and remain calm.First, check for simple problems. See our suggested trouble shooting tips and suggestions for both PCs and Macs.

If these fail, all is not lost. Remember, every data storage media will fail someday and it always seems to happen when you need the data the most.

Hopefully you have a current backup. If not, you may be faced with many frustrating hours trying to reconstruct your data. Don’t waste your valuable time and energy when Emergency Recovery can restore your system to an operational state in almost no time. Once we receive your media, we can recover your data and get you up and running quickly, often in hours.

Computer software virus attacks …

The ever changing world of computer software virus attacks take many forms. Some do little more than display a prank message while others seriously damage, scramble, disrupt, or overwrite your valuable data.Viruses reach your system by a variety of methods. Most are imbedded in an executable program which pass on the “infection” when run on your system. A few newer viruses are imbedded in load-time macros found primarily in word processing and spreadsheet files.

Generally viruses are attached to files passed on by friends or acquaintances, downloaded from the Internet or other online sources, included as an attachment to email messages, or accessed across corporate networks. Commercially packaged software rarely carries an infection.

Once a virus attaches itself to your system, it often lays dormant for weeks or months before triggering. The best protection against viruses are regular backups, prudence in loading programs or files from questionable outside sources and frequent scans with an up-to-date anti-virus software program.

If you suspect a data loss problem was created by a virus, Emergency Recovery may be able to help. Call us at (718) 778-4766 immediately for a no-cost evaluation of your situation. (Do not attempt recovery at this point with an anti-virus software as most are effective only before the virus triggers itself.)

Supported media forms…

Data Recovery Laboratory‘s advanced techniques enable us to recover data from virtually all media forms. These include:

hard disk drives
flash memory (cards)
SSD (Solid State Drives)
iProducts (iPhones, iPads, iMacs, iTouch)
Blackberry and Android
floppy diskettes
Bernoulli drives
Zip drives
Jaz drives
SyQuest cartridges
removable and optical cartridges
most tape formats

Supported platforms & operating environments…
We can recover data from virtually all major platforms and operating systems including:
Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows NT
Windows XP

If you don’t see your system or environment listed, don’t give up. Emergency Recovery can handle almost any challenge. We’ve successfully recovered data from systems other consider obsolete or impossible. Call us at (718) 778-4766 for a no charge evaluation of your situation.

Portable systems…

What about laptops, notebooks and PowerBooks? Emergency Recovery is well known for its successful recoveries from portable computers of all types. If you lose data on a portable, transportable, or luggable, Emergency Recovery is your recovery expert of choice. We have successfully recovered data from dropped, crushed, fire damaged and drowned portables as well as those that just stopped working.

RAID systems…

RAID (Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks) configurations combine two or more hard disk drives that appear as a single large disk to the host system. RAID increases capacity, boosts I/O performance (by allowing several drives to be accessed simultaneously) and increases reliability.While RAID configurations are substantially fault-tolerant, they can, and do, fail in a variety of ways! When a RAID data loss does occurs, it is extremely important to seek assistance from experts with substantial experience and knowledge of these complex environments. Multiple RAID modes from level 0 to 6 as well as combined hybrid levels such as 10 and 53 are available. In addition to complete understanding of each level, successful data recovery demands combined familiarity with the host platform, specific operating system, RAID controller and utilized disk media. Safe recovery techniques require the hardware and software resources to exactly duplicate (mirror) the inoperable RAID configuration.

Precisely because of the infrequency of RAID failures, many data recovery services lack the experience and resources to restore your valuable data. Rest assured that Emergency Recovery has the knowledge, experience, hardware and software resources to quickly and cost effectively restore your lost data. Call us right now at (718) 778-4766 to discuss your RAID data recovery needs!

No charge evaluation…

Emergency Recovery never charges for preliminary evaluations or price quotes. Once we receive your media, an exact quote will be provided. When authorized, the actual recovery process begins immediately.We’re available right now!

Call Emergency Recovery at
(718) 778-4766, or Email us at

After recovery follow-up services…

One final note, our services don’t stop with our recovery efforts.Of course, we take every step to make your after recovery start-up as easy as possible. Your data is returned as you instruct in your choice of media and format. If needed, we provide after-recovery assistance in re-installing data and returning to your normal operating routine.

Payment terms …

Emergency Recovery accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. Payment type and terms must be arranged prior to return shipment of data.Remember, we’re here to serve you. Feel free to call Emergency Recovery at (718) 778-4766 with questions or comments.

Shipping instructions…

Remember, most equipment is static sensitive. To avoid any problems, discharge any static electricity from your body by first touching a grounded object (such as a water pipe, grounded metal computer case, etc.) before handling any system components. As much as possible, avoid touching circuit boards, connectors, or other electronic components when handling the drive.Place the drive in an anti-static bag and surround it on all sides with three or more inches of bubble wrap, foam, or other cushioned packing material. Place it in a sturdy box or shipping container labeled clearly as FRAGILE. If necessary, we can provide the required materials; please call us at (718) 778-4766 for assistance.

To assist us in quickly identifying the media and appropriate contact, please enclose a business card or company letterhead with your media. We recommend shipping the drive via an overnight service to reduce the time that the drive is subjected to third party handling and to expedite the return of your recovered data.

Normally Emergency Recovery requires only the physical disk drive (or diskette, tape, cartridge, or other media) itself. For SCSI, IDE, EIDE, or other standard drives, we usually do not require your controller. If the interface is ST-MFM, ESDI, ST-RLL, or from an XT class computer, please ship both the controller and the drive. Call us at (718) 778-4766 for details.

If possible, enclose details about the data files you are most concerned about recovering. Additionally include, if required, any special boot diskettes, non-standard device drivers, “undo” diskette(s) from utilities already run and the necessary supervisor level password(s) to access the system.

If you are not comfortable removing internal components, send the entire system unit. Use the original packaging if possible, otherwise take care to ensure proper cushioning and protection. You will not need to include cables, keyboards, monitors, etc. Please include the AC power adapter for notebooks and laptops.

Ship to: Data Recovery Laboratory
1494 Union Street
Brooklyn, NY 11213

The Process

1. The phone consultation: Each recovery begins with a simple phone call to Data Recovery Laboratory. One of our trained, professional recovery specialists will discuss your particular need.To allow us to give the best possible service, please have on hand the make, model and manufacturer of the drive or media as well as a description describing the problem or failure occurring with your device. We will then give you an evaluation cost and ask for your daytime phone number, fax number and email address.

A case number will then be issued and shipping instructions given.

2. Evaluation

The evaluation is where one of our recovery specialists carefully inspects your device or media arrive at an accurate diagnosis of the problem. While each evaluation is different depending on the type of damage and device or media being checked, an evaluation usually involves mechanical diagnostics, creating a sector copy, and assessing data integrity.

Upon completion, you will be informed of your data’s prognosis and if any parts will be necessary for a successful recovery. Evaluations begin within 12-24 hours of receipt of the device or media.

3. Recovery

Only upon receiving your authorization will we proceed with the process of recovering your data from your device or media.

If there is no mechanical damage, or after the mechanical damage has been repaired, the next step is logical recovery. This type of recovery uses high-tech software to extract all possible data from the device or media by either repairing the low-level file system, extracting data from fragments found in the data image or both.

In the case of a malicious virus having caused the damage to the original data, great care will be taken to disinfect your system of the offending virus before restoring the data.

Our policy is to offer full disclosure on all that will be done and has been done throughout the recovery process. Recovery time typically ranges from 1-5 days depending on circumstances such as device or media capacity size, amount of data to recover, amount of physical repair required and complexity of file system.


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