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By recovering critical data that was thought to be destroyed, hidden or stolen, EMERGENCY RECOVERY has been instrumental in resolving a wide range of cases, among them: divorce, fraud, product sabotage, intellectual property theft. Our clients range from law and accounting firms, to industry to small business and personal computing. We have successfully recovered data from mainframes and PC’s that have been exposed to fire, floods, and hurricanes. Sometimes, just a dropped or crashed laptop.

We believe data recovery should be done well, quickly and cost effectively.

Here is how we’ve helped…

A divorce case. A husband who was engaged in extramarital affairs erased his computer files when he discovered that his wife had become suspicious of his activities. Her attorney engaged EMERGENCY RECOVERY. We accessed the storage media directly, reconstructed the data and transferred it to readable media.

The case was settled in her favor: no contest.

A fraud case. A Fortune 100 company was suing the service provider that had provided the company with tracking software. In this multi-million dollar case, the service provider was being charged with negligence. The Fortune Company claimed that the installation of the software had permanently erased their existing files.

The attorney for the service provider hired EMERGENCY RECOVERY to investigate the claim. We recovered all the lost files and determined that the software installation was unrelated to the loss of data. And most importantly, we found that it was most likely that the Fortune company that had manually erased the files.

The company dropped its case against the service provider.

A product sabotage case. An employee at a high tech firm was leaving on less that friendly terms and decided to erase the proprietary program he had written and damaged his computer’s hard drive. The high tech firm engaged EMERGENCY RECOVERY to recover the program and, if possible, determine whether the employee had sabotaged the data. We rebuilt the hard drive, recovered over 70% of the data and determined that it was in fact the employee who had done the damage.

The company recouped most of its investment in the program’s development. A judgment was made against the employee.

A natural disaster case. When N. Miami Beach, Florida was hit by tropical storm, the city’s flooding caused significant computer failures in many businesses and industries. EMERGENCY RECOVERY was hired to help recover a large amount of critical information. We turned our New York clean room into a Florida data recovery center and worked with the city’s network of local IT partners.

We brought the information back and gave Florida “business as usual.”

A fire in New York case. A New York law firm lost its financial server during a fire. The company’s drives held data for inventory, payables, receivables and W-2. They sent to EMERGENCY RECOVERY 3 hard drives early the next morning, we delivered them back the next day: 100% of data recovered of 2 drives, 99% of 1 drive.

An everyday case. Data recovery from obsolete mainframe tapes changes in operating systems, Y2K disruptions — Viruses we have pushed companies to move from mainframe to PC and PC/server environments very quickly.

EMERGENCY Recovery has developed proprietary software and processes to retrieve data from hard drive, tapes and transfer them to CD-ROM disks.

We recently worked on a criminal negligence tape that involved the recovery of data from tapes that were over 7 years old. Our data was certified for use as evidence in the proceedings.



THE DUPLICATOR: “I can’t believe what your technicians has done to get my data back. I had given these drives up for dead. Thank you. Stunned, amazed and always profusely grateful.”

ADWE Products: “Your firm was recommended to us by CSP COMPUTERS You got me the data I needed, and your crew was very professional. I would definitely work with you again.”

Y. Gross, CPA: “We’ve recommended your firm to several companies because we consider your firm first and foremost in data recovery.”

A. Klienman, ESQ: “When my computer at the office froze, I felt at that moment, my entire company had frozen” Luckily, I knew of EMERGENCY RECOVERY , which sent over one of their Lab technicians. By the next morning all my critical data was retrieved.


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